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Please follow these steps to register for a course

Royal Life Saving Training RTO 5431

All training courses are provided by Aquatic Response which is a registered third party provider for the Registered Training Organisation Royal Life Saving Training RTO 5431

1. Obtain a USI (Unique Student Indicator) number from or use the one you have, if you already have one.

2. "Register an account" at the Royal Lifesaving Training Portal  or use the one you have, if you already have one.

3. Email me [email protected] with your selected course name and course date from the "COURSE DATES" page on the above toolbar.

4. I will then provide you with a COURSE ID number. You can then Log in to the Royal Lifesaving Training Portal again  and Enter the Course ID for the course you want to study.

DO NOT enter course name, date or venue (as this blocks the Search function) - ONLY ENTER Course ID number.

5. You will receive an email confirmation of course registration from Royal Life Saving Training RTO 5431. Please ignore the listed dates and venue on the confirmation email (and on the booking website) if they differ from what you have received from me, as occasionally dates and venues are adjusted.

Email me if you have any issues,

Peter Cox

Aquatic Response

Regional Director of Lifesaving

[email protected]

Royal Life Saving Training RTO 5431